Modifications Chart

ADHD and behavior disabilities, by Ester Ulate

Support in Spanish class (secondary)

  • Allow the student to use flashcards when writing sentences in Spanish.
  • Use visual aids such as posters on the classroom (e.g. conjugation rules)
  • Use modeling strategies every time you teach a new grammar concept.
  • Always provide immediate reinforcement and feedback. Constantly check his or her work.
  • Allow the use of the electronic textbook when working on practices since it can give immediate feedback.

General instructional support:

· Include movement (e.g. work on centers, carousel activity walking around the class).

· Use kinesthetic activities (e.g. forming sentences with manipulative elements such as blocks with words).

· Facilitate collaboration among students such as jigsaw activities, peer review, and others.

· Provide options to access to the instructional materials such as the electronic and hardcopy of the textbook.

· Introduce assignments in sequential steps.

Behavioral support

· Provide access to fidget toys.

· The student can have at least 2 small breaks to stand up and practice relaxation techniques previously learned.

· Practice with the class relaxation skills at least once a week.

· Token economy program.

· Frequent positive reinforcement.

· Use visual cues previously established by teacher-student:

o Before he or she is called to answer questions.

o To let the student know that she or he can take a break.

o To let the student know that he or she needs to calm down.

Organizational skills

  • Use checklists to help the student get organized.
  • Ask the student to repeat the instructions to make sure that he or she understands what to do.
  • Seat the student in the front row far from windows and doors in order to minimize distractions.
  • Always use clear and concise instructions.
  • When the student turns in classwork or assignments always check that it is completed.
  • In each practice or worksheet include clear instructions and a model of how to do it.

Presentation/ product:

· Allow the student to present the final product in a variety of formats (e.g. recording, typing, writing, or orally).

· Reduce amount of work in classwork and other assignments.

· Provide extra opportunities to turn in corrected work.

· Allow extra time for the student to finish projects and classwork.

· Assess the same concept throughout different strategies.