Don't Wail the Whales to Extinction

By:Nikhith 5D #21

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The Belugas food chain

The belugas food chain consists of the energy source (the sun), the producer(algae),there are also three different consumers first,second,and third level consumers.The first level consumer is krill,the second level consumer is the Yellow perch fish,and the level consumer is the glorious beluga whale. The energy passes through the sun to the algae.Then the krill eats the algae, then the energy from the krill goes to the beluga whale.
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The belugas food web

The sun is the energy source which provides energy for the algae.The krill eats the algae.Beluga whales,squid,yellow perch,and the great white shark all eat the krill.Yellow perches get eaten by the shark, beluga,and the squid.last but not least, the great white eats the squid.
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Abiotic and biotic

Beluga whales biotic system is made up of krill, worms, and fish. It eats them to survive in the wild.Its abiotic system is made up of blubber, air, and water. These items are needed to breath and stay warm in the ocean.
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The ecosystem of the beluga whale is the ocean.The ocean is filled with fish and krill for the beluga to eat.Belugas need to go up to the surface to breath.The belugas usually swim near the surface.
Animals of the Ice: Beluga Whales

The overpopulation and underpopulation of a beluga whale

If there were too many beluga whales there would be a shrink in the number of Yellow perch fish.All the belugas would eat the yellow perches, which causes the number of sharks, squid, and other fish to go down. Now if there were very little beluga whales there would be more fish and the algae would go down which will cause other animals that eat algae to compete for it. Eventually, the animals that lose the competition will die.
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Do Not Hunt Beluga Whales.

If you hunt beluga whales there preditors will die because there is not enough food for it to eat.there will also be to many to many fish.if there were to many beluga whales,you could hunt them but not to often.Now if there were less beluga whales they will become extinct if you hunt them.