WeHo Enrichments 2013-2014

New Co-Chair and Parent Liaison

Dear Committee Members:

As mentioned, we are in the process of gathering information from Teachers such as units of study, special interests/requests and finding out what Enrichments from 2012/2013 they'd like to bring back.

In the meantime...

Please Welcome Shana Mathur as our ENRICHMENTS CO-CHAIR

Yay, Shana!! Shana is an Organizational Master and has been an invaluable member of the Enrichments Committee. She has two sons, Brijen (Mr. Abney's) and Sajan (Mrs. Pando's). Next week Shana will be personally following up with staff to get information on Study Units. We are shooting to have this information by September 6th.

JOEL MEJIA - Committee Parent Liaison

Many of you might already know Joel who heads Hospitality. Joel has a daughter (Janette, Mrs. Libby's) and son, Jonathan (Mrs. Simon's). He will be serving as our Committee Parent Liaison, working closely with your Room Parents (and volunteers) on everything from enlisting field trip chaperones to resourcing supplies for PBL's. We want all of our parents to invest in Enrichments and Joel will help make this happen.


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 13TH - @ 8:30 - On Campus - location TBD

We realize that your time is valuable. Initially, we'd like to set a regular monthly meeting for the 2nd Friday of every month. As our Enrichments calendar starts to lock, we'll try our best to go virtual. I promise to have coffee at each meeting --


The link for last years Enrichments has some activities that are available to 'produce' as some parents have moved on to other schools etc. If you do not see a name next to an Enrichment, you are welcome to sign up for this event. If you are unable to head off or be the lead of an event but would still like to help, add your name and the amount of time you might have to devote to this Enrichment.

Tara Hiromura has graciously stepped up to take on the 4th Grade Etiquette Luncheon. Thank you Tara! This event, which usually takes place around April/May, requires a few more dedicated volunteers. We'd like to cultivate a network of parents from the lower grades (TK-3rd) to help coordinate. This is a standard 4th Grade Enrichment - when your child reaches 4th they will participate. We thank Carina Luwisch for heading off this amazing yearly event. Her child, a 4th Grader will be participating this year so we need to 'pass the torch'. Believe it or not, this is hands down, one of the 4th Grade favorites - the kids love it.

Sign up here and/or email Tara direct:


Tara Walters <twalters@swlaw.edu>

Please join us at our West Hollywood Elementary Volunteer Fair SEPT 3rd @ 8:15 a.m.

...and bring a friend along!


Thanks again! See you at the Volunteer Fair!

Angela Galletta

(Joseph Levy's mom)

FOWHE Enrichments