wanna become a samurai?

stuff you need to know!

learn warriors code, understand the history of the samurais, were masters of number of weapons and conduct yourself nobly and that a good way to become and samurai.


a unique combination of physical training. have to learn poetry and spiritual discipline.

respect you and others around you

to be a samurais! you have to respect your master and others around you. if you do not do that. you can be kick out because that not the way I will teach you. have to show courage. always be truthful and respectful!

pays and befits

you will reserve a lot of rice or any kind of food. if you do your duty and listen to me and also will get little bit more land if told what to do is right.

weapons needed

can have any kinds of weapons like ..

  • guns
  • spears
  • manly swords and any kind to, can be long or short swords
  • katana
  • chokuto
  • tachil