Barnyard Buddies

October 2015

What we learned last month...

Last month, we started out by learning about end of summer fun and the fun activities to do to wrap up summer. Next, we learned about space and all the cool planets in our solar system. After, we talked about food and what food groups they belong in. Then, we learned about fall and we even got to make hand print leaves and acorns. Lastly, we talked about community helpers and what fire fighters and police officers do to protect us!

What we are going to learn this month...

This month, we will start out by learning about leaves and why they change colors in the fall. Next, we talk about apples and the different kinds that there are. Our next subject will be pumpkins, we will discuss what pumpkins look like and even get to make a pumpkin craft. Last, we will learn about Halloween and how kids dress up and can go out to trick or treat!

Art of the month: Pumpkin pie

-white paper
-brown paper
-orange paper
-two cotton balls

First, out of the white paper, cut out a triangle to look like a slice of pie. Next, cut little squares of paper out of the orange and brown paper. Then, have your child glue on the orange pieces of paper onto the white and glue the brown pieces onto the top of the white triangle. Lastly, glue the cotton balls on the middle of the square to make it look like cool whip. Let dry and enjoy!