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Are you ready for some Football, Basketball, and Baseball betting?


Are you ready for some Football, Basketball, and Baseball betting?

About My Sports Picks

Are you ready for some Football, Basketball, and Baseball betting? Make and track all your Basketball,Baseball and Football picks with the most powerful sports bet tracking app on the App Store!

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My Sports Picks gives you the power to:

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  • Make picks from real time odds
  • Track picks with end of game data. Winning bet in Green, Losing bet in Red, push in Yellow
  • Track daily, Weekly and season profit
  • Track daily, weekly and season records
  • Track bet history
  • Parlays and Teasers
  • Email your picks straight from the app
  • Track All Picks on one consolidated "All Picks" screen
  • An email address is used as your account sign in, We may use this email for internal marketing and news letters (no spamming) and you can opt out by emailing us at support@kdubsports.com or clicking on an opt out link in the email.


“I can only say if you are a serious gambler and want to keep track of your winnings and losses this is the only app.”
- Winners Circle

“This app is perfect for people that track more than a few bets. I have been trying to find something like this for a year or two. It is great to be able to instant update all my games.”
- Jbuff

“So I just realized what u created, an iPhone app that is basically a dream toy come true for any football fan like me!! Amazing!! That's awesome! Thanks again for leaving ur legacy in creating the best iPhone app ever!!”
- Vanessa Plante

“If the only thing you focus on during football season is picking winners for your office pool then it’s time for you to check out My Sports Picks”
- SlapApp

“Overall, this is a good app. It is easy to scroll through the teams that I want and select the games. I like the ease of being able to switch up the picks from Pro to college football. This is a great app for seeing the odds on games, choosing the winner and seeing how they do. It's easy to use and useful in picking the football teams you want.”
- AppReview.com

“The look, feel, and functionality of this app is a touchdown for football fans everywhere.”
- Shaun Campbell - Editor in Chief, The iPhone App Review

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