sky diving

my mom and i would go skydiving together but after wards our hair would look like this picture below.... we would go skydiving at texas skydiving center in lexington texas i would see the wide area of grass, and after i fell for awhile i would see the people cheering me on... erosion would happen physically because the rain would gather the loose dirt and move it along.
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worlds biggest rope swing!!!!

my dad and i would so do this!!! ok so the wind would break away the soft rock and leave the hard rock which happened to make an arch/the worlds biggest rope swing!!! the wind makes it physical weathering because it broke down the soft rock, and then the wind would take it away.
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go skiing in Ruidoso new mexico in the winter

ok so even because i already did this does not mean i don't want to go again!!! my dad and my older and little brother and i went to my grandpa and my grandma Ellen's house in new mexico!!! and with their two dogs Beau (bo) and Gracie!! they also have a house in Comanche Texas!! (yes they have 2 houses) the snow would melt on the mountain and cause erosion of some dirt ( the dirt moved to the bottom of the mountain)
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go camping in the woods

my dad and i would do this any time! just as long as we don't accidentally start a forest fire with our camp fire! lol i would catch frogs and lizards all day and all night!!! it would be so much fun! erosion happens physically when it rains and some of the dirt moves away.
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go to Hawaii

i would go to the island made up of volcanoes ( a.k.a Hawaii ) to swim my little heart out!

it would be so pretty! i would take my family there too!!! weathering happened chemically because when a volcano erupts it burns everything in its path which changes the chemicals in the thing that got in the lava's path.

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