Wanted Andreas Vesalius

Article Written by: Kush Tailor

Wanted For

Andreas Vesalius is wanted for inviting Modern Anatomy. He has figured out that men and woman have the same amount of ribs. Vesalius has wronged many beliefs such as the Greek belief that says blood can flow through the ventricles of the heart. He even found out that the mandible or jaw bone is made up of one bone. His work brought important changes in human anatomy. He was able to correct 200 unquestioned theories. To learn more read his book called "De Humani Corpis Fabrica".


Birth: December 31st, 1514 Brussels Belgium

Death: October 15th, 1564


Parents: Isabel Crabbe, Anders Van Wesel

Spouse: unknown (sources say he was married)


Andreas Vesalius went to school at three universities they were the University of Louvain, University of Paris, and University of Padua.

Place of work

Sources say he worked as court physician for Charles V


If you hear a man say "I am not accustomed to saying anything after only one or two observations", it would be safe to assume that, that man is probably Andreas Vesalius.