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Keep Your Teen Drug-Free :: November '19 Issue

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  • How to keep kids safe
  • Forming healthy habits
  • Does your student need help? Check out the Student Assistance Program

Keep Teens Drug Free this Holiday Season

One of the best things a parent can do to keep their teen drug-free is to know where they are and who they are with when they are not at home.

Check in during holiday events to find out what your teen will be up to. It’s a good time to convey your expectations around substance use too.

Whether they are hanging out with friends, going to the park or mall, make sure you know where they are and what time they will be home. When teens know their parent is keeping tabs on them, they make better decisions.

Shuksan Middle School Prevention Club

Shuksan’s very own Prevention Club meets every Tuesday from 3:45pm to 5:00pm

This club is for any student who wants to help create and maintain a healthy and positive school environment for everyone. The students decide what topics to focus on, and how to address the challenges our school faces with support and guidance from Mr. Giles.

We can make an impact on teen substance use, bullying, failing grades, school climate, and more. Club activities will include:

  • creating posters and bulletin boards,
  • small projects around our school
  • participation in our Community Family Night

Big picture

Fall into Healthy Habits

As fall gives way to winter and the air gets a little crisper, check in with your teen about how they are going to stay active and engaged. Encouraging your teen’s natural interest is a great way to form positive lifetime habits. Check out the Very Well Family website below for ideas.

Worried that your student may be struggling with substance-related issues?

The Student Assistance Professional (SAP) Program exists to serve students who may be using substances themselves, are at a higher risk for using substances, or are struggling with family members who use substances.

Students can work one-on-one with the Student Assistance Professional or participate in a group with other students with similar experiences.

Services are tailored to individual student needs and often include learning coping skills, teaching refusal skills, and learning about the risks of substance use.

All referrals and conversations are confidential, and students will not get in trouble for disclosing information to the Student Assistance Professional. (Limitations to confidentiality are suicide plans, reports of abuse, or information about the injury of another person).

Referrals can be made by phone or email to Kelly Giles.

From the Author

Hi! I’m Kelly Giles and I work at Shuksan Middle School as a Student Assistance Professional (SAP), doing drug and alcohol prevention and interventions.

A big part of my job is building relationships with students because we know adults play a huge role in influencing healthy choices.

I love to partner with parents, too! Please stop by my office just to say hi or get in touch if you are worried about a student. Send me any ideas you'd like to see in upcoming issues via email.

Thank you for all you do for our young people, it matters!

What would you like to see in the next issue?

Kelly Giles

Student Assistance Professional (SAP)

Shuksan Middle School

Northwest ESD 189

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