Coker Coach Notes

September 1, 2015


In a conscious effort to give everyone more time in your classrooms before Open House on Thursday, we have tried to not schedule many meetings for you all this week. However, I would like to touch base with homeroom teachers on Friday by scheduling some quick grade-level meetings. Here's the schedule, please let me know if you can't attend at the time listed.

8am - Kindergarten

8:30 - 1st

9:00 - 2nd

9:30 - 3rd

10:00 - 4th

10:30 - 5th

11:00 - 6th

11:30 - New Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Thinking Maps - Yes, except for kindergarten, all 8 maps should now be on display in your classrooms. These are a reference for students to choose and use at any time. We will do a bit of a BOY refresher with these, but all students 1-6 grades have been taught the maps and so they should all be on display in your rooms. (If you need maps, let me know. I will need to order).

2. Assessment Calendar - on it's way. Couple of things to note: NEW Math Facts Probes & Expectations for K-3. (I will place in new dropbox folders & we will discuss Friday.) 4-6 will now be using IKAN.

3. SRG order - This PO has not been approved yet. Please plan accordingly for the month of September. We are working diligently on getting this as quickly as possible.

4. DROPBOX - Your files will be disappearing TODAY. Please back up what you need. This is necessary to make room for everyone's files this year. We will start with a clean slate!

5. Contact info - My cell is 706-876-8002 & I am available to you anytime if you have questions or need help!