#MichED Chat 6/4/14

The Future of your PLN

Wednesday 8:00 p.m.

This week we will have a conversation on the future of your Personal Learning Network.

The #MichED team for 6/4:

Moderator: Jeff Bush

Greeter: Rachelle Wynkoop

New member greeter: Kit Hard

Archiver: Todd Bloch


Q1: What do you appreciate about your #MichED or Twitter PLN?

Q2: How would you like to see your #MichED or Twitter PLN grow over the next year?

Q3: How can #MichED participants do to help grow the #MichED community?

Q4: Positive shoutout: what other communities other than #MichED have helped your PLN grow this year?

Q5: What strategies have you used to grow your PLN? (Advice for those looking to add more to their PLN)

Q6: Positive shoutout: name someone in your PLN that has helped you grow this year. How did they do this?

Q7: What has your #PLN or #MichED added to your practice over the past year?

Q8: How has you #PLN helped your students over the past year?

#MichED over the summer

This summer #MichED will end the formal educational Wednesday chats and transition to summer "campfire chat" sessions.

A campfire chat session is an informal Twitter conversation. #MichED will not post topics or questions. However, every Wednesday at 8 p.m. if you are still able to connect with #MichED colleagues, you can post to to the hashtag and connect with others from the #MichED community.

#MichED Summer Schedule:

June 11: - August 6th: Campfire Sessions

August 13th: regular #MichED chat schedule resumes

The #MichED Chat Team