Guidance with Ms. Donnelly

February/March Edition

Planning for the Future

Though it may seem early to start talking about careers in elementary school, many students need to know why it is important to learn in school. If they have an end goal in mind, it is a lot easier to work towards that achievement. In February (and some of March because of those silly snow days), Ms. Donnelly went to each classroom to talk about careers. Check with your student to see if they can tell you the difference between a job and a career. Ms. Donnelly defined a job as somewhere you work just to earn money and a career as somewhere you work that you have a special skill or interest and are really invested in doing this. In kindergarten and first grade, we discussed vehicles that are important in completing certain careers. Students were shown a vehicled (ex. train) and then asked to name the person who drove the vehicle (engineer). In second grade, students made an alphabet career book where they named a career for every letter in the alphabet. In third grade, students matched their own interests/skills to potential careers. Finally, in fourth and fifth grades, students played the color game to see what interests or skills matched them. It was important for students to start talking about careers so that they have an end goal in mind. As you know, your child's interests or skills will probably change, but think about how much harder we all work when we are working for something.


Change of Pace

In the month of March, Ms. Donnelly will be trying something a little different. Instead of holding classroom guidance sessions with all classes, Ms. Donnelly will be conducting minute meetings. Going to all classrooms, Ms. Donnelly will pull out each student one at a time to meet with everyone for one minute. This is to give every student in the building a chance to meet with the counselor and assess how the school year is going for each student. This will also give Ms. Donnelly a chance to see what needs students have and she can do to help improve the experience of students at Kenwood.

Lara Donnelly

Professional School Guidance Counselor

If your child is having a problem at home or school that is impacting their educational performance, please feel free to contact me so that we can work through the problem together. Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to work with your child!