Hotel Transylvania 2

In NCG movies, Hillcrest

Movie Information

Hotel Transylvania 2 is the sequel to the first Hotel Transylvania which is a funny movie. It has monsters that are not that scary, there's werewolves, mummies, Frankensteins vampires, and zombies.


Thursday, Oct. 15th, 7pm

1855 E Main St

Spartanburg, SC


When you first come in you need to go to the employee and get your tickets, then you decide which popcorn and drink you want. You get your popcorn and drinks, go to the employee in the middle section and she will get your ticket, then you go in. You get a seat and wait for the previews to be over, finally you enjoy the movie.

Hillcrest Cinema

NCG Cinema is the only cinema in Hillcrest and my favorite cinema, I admire it a lot and you will too. Lots of people go here because they got the best seats, its a great cinema.