Important August Dates

The Humanitas Magnet for Interdisciplinary Studies

It's time to go Back to School!

We hope you've had a relaxing summer. Your Humanitas Magnet teachers have been busy planning for an exciting fall semester and we look forward to meeting you soon.

You will have several opportunities to meet some of your teachers and classmates in the next two weeks. Attend as many as you can!

Get involved!

Please join us at one or more of our back to school events.

Our first official Humanitas Magnet fundraiser will take place on August 2. Shakey's Pizza on Laurel Canyon is a popular Grant HS fundraiser location. Please join us for some pizza and games from 5:00- 8:00 PM on Thursday, August 2.

On Thursday, August 9, Grant High School will host a Freshman Welcome Night. This is a great opportunity to meet many of our Grant administrators, teachers, and coaches. This event is for the entire Grant community. We'll get started at 6:00 PM.

On Friday, August 10, Grant High School will host the annual Freshman Picnic. This is your chance to meet many of the other Freshmen and get excited about the new school year. The picnic is from 9:00 AM - Noon.

Textbook and class schedule distribution will take place on Wednesday, 8/8- Friday 8/10 from 8:00 AM- 11:00 AM. Your counselor, Melissa Mata, will be available to assist you and answer your questions.

We can't wait to meet you!