Internet Safety

These are tips if you are getting cyberbullied.

Fisrt Five tips of Cyberbullying

  • You should block or ignore unwanted users.
  • Do not tell anyone you do not know your name.
  • If an internet website becomes stressful leave it.
  • Do not let others draw you into conflict.
  • Do not put your real name as your email address.

Last Five Tips of Cyberbullying

  • You should NEVER give your password to anyone.

  • Do not provide your credit card number.

  • Every once in a while you should “ego surf” to see if your Facebook is on google.

  • Tell someone if someone is bulling you or harassing you.

  • The last tip is to watch what you say, someone could get information from the littlest thing.

Created by Makaylynn Meiers