Solomon Northup

"What difference is there in the color of the soul?"

The life of Solomon Northup

Solomon Northup was born on July 1808 in Minerva, NY. Solomon Northup grew up as a free man, working as a farmer, writer and violinist while having a family (his wife Anne, and his 3 children: Elizabeth, Margaret, and Alonzo). Northup was living a nice and peaceful life until he was kidnapped and sold as a slave. 12 years later, Northup was freed with the help of several of his friends and he was reunited with his family. The horrible 12 years that Northup experience as a slave helped him to write the famous book “12 Years of Slave” which is based on that experience. After publishing the book, Northup disappeared from the public life. Several of years later, it was discovered that Northup had died. The place, cause and exact date it is still unknown. It was also discovered that he had spend the other half of his life, saving and helping other African Americans.

Why Solomon Northup deserves a national holiday

Solomon Northup was and still is a symbol of hope and strength. He was a man who fought all of his life for what he believed: freedom. Northup tried to open the eyes of people and make them see how slavery was something inhuman. That’s why Solomon Northup deserves a national holiday.

12 Years of Slave


The 12 years that Solomon Northup experience as a slave changed his life; it changed the way that he saw things. After those 12 horrible years, Northup dedicated his life to help people like him. He had may not always succeeded but he never gave up, he kept fighting until his last days of life. Solomon Northup may had not been the only man whose freedom was taken away but he was the only one who not only fought for his freedom but for the freedom of many others. Solomon Northup deserves a national holiday to remind us that even when things are taken away we can always fight back with our best. A day to remind us that there’s always hope and to remind us that we should always fight for what we believe.