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These are some of the reports we've gathered from our interns. They've answered a few of our questions. We hope their answers will help you gain some insight on our project.

What was one major culture shock for you? How did you overcome the same?

Actually, there’s not so much culture shock for me as I thought before I came to India. But I think the major culture shock for me is the food. For India people always like eating spicy food, and you know this kind of spicy is very different from China. India adds lots of spice into the food and some food are very strange. As well as the way Indians eating, sometimes they eat by hand, which is what I can’t get used to. Anyway, I try to get used to their habit and sometimes I will try to use hand and try something spicy. In fact, if you’ve tried, it’s not such strange as you think because people around you are all doing this. Also, India has lots of religions. People are much more devout as I think which sometimes make me feel a little scared. And they always paint something on their face and their bodies,for me is unbelievable. What I did is being tolerant and think it as usual. However, I don’t want to be like them so much, haha.

But as a great sentence says, ‘ When in Rome, do as Roman’s do.’ So everything goes well when I’m in India.

- Bill Wang (JLU China)

How did your work impact you and the people around you?

From the presentation I give, I learn about Chinese culture more, which makes me prouder for my country. I used to be a person who tries to avoid difficulties. But every time I give the presentation to the students, I can see the curious and excited face. They are eager to know more about the outside world, which makes me feel responsible to bring them more

information about my country. During this period, I become more patient

- Tao Qianrui (Chongqing, China)

What were the major challenges you faced and how did you overcome the same?

Kids, actually I hate kids. I don’t like them, especially when they’re screaming, running,

crying and that stuff. I hate it. But, the time has come and I have to teach them. It like a

miracle comes to me, I love it. It was a good experience for me. I can beat what I’m

afraid to. I love to do that, they can put attention on me, they like my presentation.

They start to curious on what I try to explain, and they ask a lot and try to figure it out.

I teach about indonesia’s national animals and I talk about komodo, orangutan,

harimau and that stuff. When I showed them komodo, they said it was a lizard and

some of the told me it was a dragon. They make me laugh, a lot. And I tried to explain

about where Indonesia is located. They said in Africa, and also when I showed them

Borobudur they said “CHINA” . so funny. I love kids now. Thank AIESEC

-Nafisa Haura Endah Akbar (Jakarta, Indonesia, DKI jakarta)

What were the activities you were a part of and things you did as part of your internship?

During the teaching time, I tried to get attention from the student. I want them to feel free to ask. And be happy on this project. So we decide to dances, we sang together. we showed our video to make them feel interest to what we gonna talk about. I’m not felt shy at all. May be because I’m a dancer so I used to do it.

-Nafisa Haura Endah Akbar (Jakarta, Indonesia, DKI jakarta)

One story that you want to be shared across AIESEC International?

One day, when I was doing sightseeing in Mumbai, an India man came to me and asked me’ Hey, man. Where’re you from.’ I answered’ I’m from Chinese’. ‘ So do you like India’ he asked. ‘Sure, I like India, especially lots of warm-hearted people here.’ ‘ Oh, good! But I don’t like India.’ I felt very surprised and asked him why. What he answered made me thought a lot.

'Just because I LOVE India.’

Actually, for me, there’s no such difference between the word like and love. But I know thatlove means more than like. So I can experience the great love from this man and really be shocked by him. It’s very respective.

Also, in India I meet lots of kind people who help me a lot. I can’t imagine if I haven’t met

them, how hard would I be. So I just want to thank them all and say’ I love India, I will keep this experience in my memory.’ Thanks to AIESEC giving me this chance!

-Bill Wang (JLU China)

One innovation you would like to share from the way you worked?

If your audience is kids below 10 years, make the slide more colorful and attractive.

Make them feel happy to do it. Feel free to ask. But for 10 and up make the slide more

formal. Think hard about the topic. Insert a lot of things

-Bill Wang (JLU China)

How do you think your AIESEC internship experience lead to Personal Growth?

Make me know hot to communicate with people from different ages and country.

Make me appreciate time. And I realize how lucky I am to take this opportunity. Make me realize what I have, and what can I do.

-Nafisa Haura Endah Akbar (Jakarta, Indonesia, DKI jakarta)

As we all know, AIESEC is an international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Our project has lots of foreigners from all over the world. Different countries have different opinions or customs. I’ve successfully found the way to do teamwork with other people and work hard for the same target. What’s more, I realize that preparing and doing presentation to children is not such an easy thing, you can’t show all the things as you imagine, what you can do is to try your best to show your county and other topics. Also, it’s the first time I communicate with so many foreigners in English and face lots of culture shock, that’s quiet amazing. Last but not least, I’ve never tried to live abroad without my parents, it’s full of adventure and I think I will never forget this experience.

-Bill Wang (JLU China)

Having spent four weeks in this project, I not only learn to how to make friends with different people from all over the world, but also learn to adjust myself to the new environment. I learn a lot about different culture because we have so many interns from so many different countries.

-Tao Qianrui (Chongqing, China)