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Introducing Israel

About 80% of the people are Jews. And more than 90% live in urban areas. Their main crops are fruits such as oranges grape fruits and lemans. In the north they have hot dry summers and mild winters and about 40 inches of rain yearly. And in the south they have a dessert climate and less than one inch of rain per year.

Simple life in Israel


Let's talk about desalinization. Desalinization is the process of making salt water drinkable. If Israel had this it would make life in the souther way easier because they only get less than 1 in of rain yearly. It would make it better to plant crops and fruits.


Do you have a aquifer in you country. A aquifer is an underground rock layer that water flows through. If I am right Israel has one. If it would that would be also be cool because agin they could use it for the south.


Do you know what opec. Well it a company that is with the worlds oil. They work to increase income for the sale of oil.
Know that we are in the topic of oil. Libya has oil and here are three things they use it on. 1 to import food 2. For a strong military 3. And to upgrade schools and hospitals. I think this is cool because they are hard to defeat because the military and the kids could have a good education.

Aswan dam

The Aswan dam is great and bad at the same time. First of all the dam controls some flooding in the Nile and can store water for months. Those were good things o no now the bad ones. It blocks the silt from mineralization the soil for farming and that makes the farmers use more fertilizer

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