Should I Consider Kindergarten Readiness Class for My Child?

What is Kindergarten Readiness Class?

The Rutherford County School System offers a special class to students that qualify for kindergarten by age, but lack the maturity or social skills to begin “Regular Kindergarten.” It provides a small group situation that allows for many opportunities for participation and movement during the lesson. The lengths of the lessons are kept short to allow for the shorter attention spans of the students in the class. Many opportunities are given for hands-on learning, singing and dancing, and free play.

State law requires that children be 5 years old by August 15 to enter kindergarten in Tennessee . To be eligible for Kindergarten Readiness Class, children must meet the state requirement for starting school. This is not a Pre-K program for children younger than the state requirement.

Characteristics of Developmentally Young Children

Current research studies indicate that children entering kindergarten before they are developmentally ready may develop school/learning problems that may affect their ability to have school success. Developmental readiness includes physical, social and emotional growth. You may notice one or more of the following characteristics in your child:

· Short attention span

· Becomes easily frustrated

· Sometimes lacks fine or gross motor skills

· Fatigued by afternoon

· May be a loner

· Difficult time separating from parent

· Still uses baby talk

· Overly-anxious about being right

· Doesn’t relate well to peers

· Cries easily


We believe that all children should experience success when beginning school; therefore, it will be the goal of our program to:

1. Identify the young children with the potential for difficulty adjusting to school.

2. Assign them to a prevention program with a curriculum appropriate to their developmental age.

3. Provide a pupil teacher ratio low enough that the student be an academic participant in the learning process.

4. Develop a skills checklist to monitor student progress and keep parents informed.

5. Provide data for a more accurate academic placement.


1. Kindergarten Readiness Class uses more hands-on learning, promotes language development, physical activity, and building good character and improving social skills. We use the Letter People Math and Language Arts Series. Children are introduced to letters and numbers.

  1. Children who progress at a faster rate will be challenged and encouraged to progress at their own rate of learning.
  2. Frequent breaks and changes of activities are provided.
  3. Development of hand/eye coordination and fine motor development is promoted.

Qualifications and Guidelines

· Must turn 5 in June, July, August, or September

· Placement is based on maturity and fine motor development

· Student must be of average or above average intelligence

· No Special Education students can qualify

· Speech classes are offered

· Children are placed in this program based on testing results and recommendations by parents and teachers.

· Class size 15 to 1

· Parents must agree to the placement in writing

· Students will complete “Regular Kindergarten” the year after completing Kindergarten Readiness Class

Questions and Concerns

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact me at 615-904-3810 or e-mail me at

Skills List for Kindergarten Readiness

1st Report Card

 Count by 1’s to 25.

 Colors  States Full Name (1st, middle, & last)

 Identify 1st Name  Letters (2)

 Recognize the Numerals 0-5

 Recognize four basic shapes.

 State age and birth date.

2nd Report Card

 Count by 1’s to 50.

 Sorting

 Positional Terms (over, under, in, & out)

 Opposites

 Recognize the Numerals 6-12

 Match Numbers 0-5 to sets

 Letters (9)

 Differentiate between letters and numerals.

 Write 1st Name Correctly

3rd Report Card

 Count by 1’s to 75.

 Match Numbers 6-10 to sets

 Reproduce a pattern.

 State the days of the weeks.

 Basic understanding of the calendar.

 Recognize written last name.

 Recall story facts.

 Copying basic shapes.

 State telephone number.

 Rhyming  Letters (10)

4th Report Card

 Count by 1’s to 100+.

 Letters (4)

 Predict what happens next.

 Express thoughts, feelings, and experiences through illustrations, dictation or writing.  Name the four seasons of the year.

 State home address (house number, street, city, & state)

 Write first and last name correctly