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Tianjin and Bilbao share know how on smart cities

Smart cities is not only about electrics cars or green transportation is much more than that. Smart cities is related to new industries, new technologies, new communities and culture.

Bilbao in Spain ( Basque country ) is a case of success on how to transform and industrial city into a service city without losing the industry background.

In China cities sometimes are created from 0, with the help of other international cities like Singapur ( That is the case of the eco city in Tianjin ), but they also need to reconvert the existing ones.

In this process, both government and society can work together.

living LAB milestones for MBA 20015/2016

Match making among SMEs and Public entities.

A. Create groups among SMEs companies interested to find more about China market and partners. ok
B. Contact them to know their interest in China. ok
C. Translate a brief introduction of each of the companies into Chinese and English. Pending.
D. Find a potential partner for each of the SMEs in China and go to the company to interview them. Translate the information about the potential partner into English and Spanish and invite them to join the Urban solution forum. https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=AAIAAA9YT24B3d68FM_DcUvbaUdbTdLQ4YiYVnw&trk=nav_responsive_tab_profile
E. Event about Smart cities in January.
F. Create an innovative content to offer Tianjin TV for broadcasting. They are interested in broadcasting our activities. Ok The event shall do.
G. Create an innovative content to offer Local media in Basque country.

The Team and Project status.

The project will be coordinated under the supervision of eseune living LAB in China, with weekly reports and feed backs to Lan Ekintza in Bilbao ( Billbao Townhall ). 5 MBA students will participate in the program.

SMEs participating in the program:

- Bilbao Metropoli 30. ( Already contacted ) Charla y contactos gubernamentales con Yujiapu.

- Cluster GAIA . n/a

- Saitec. Already contacted.

- AH. n/a

- BAT. n/a

- Medwhat.com Urban solutions han contestado. Buscan telecos , sistemas de salud publicos y privados, los labs , pharmas y hospitales.

- Ingenor. ( Already contacted ) Contactar con persona de Shanghai.

Para: "Elizabet Coral" <elizza19@gmail.com>
Cc: "Miguel Gutiérrez Canseco" <mgc@ingenor.cn>, "Ignacio Olabarri Fernandez" <iof@ingenor.com>

Hola Elizabet.

Gracias por tu contacto.

Como supongo que sabes, nosotros llevamos con implantación en China, concretamente Shanghai, desde el año 2006, realizando trabajos de arquitectura, ingeniería y Project Management.

La manera más efectiva sería que contactaras con Miguel Gutiérrez Canseco, director de la oficina de Shanghai, a quien he puesto en copia de este correo, para identificar el alcance de la colaboración y los proyectos.

Un saludo

- ADN Design ( ALready contacted ) . Skype dia jueves.

- Dinycon

- Innevento ( Already contacted ) "Soluciones para promocionar Yujiapu " y empresas de Marketing en China.

- Improve Change / Xupera. n/a

- Deusto sistemas ( Already contacted )

SMARTLEKU-THE GOOD CITIZEN PROJECT (awarded first phase of H2020 SME Instrument Programme)

We are looking for ICT companies operating in the Public Administration sector interested in participating in a funded H2020 project. Our project aims to implement ICT solutions based on citizen participation in small and medium sized Public Administrations or related bodies.

We are the innovation business unit of Deusto Sistemas Group, experts in consultancy, development, implementation and support of IT solutions since 2001. We have developed an innovative solution that has been awarded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Programme (Topic: INSO-9-2015: Innovative mobile e-government applications by SMEs). THE GOOD CITIZEN PROJECT is based on our solution whose name is SMARTLEKU. Both aim to boost the participation of citizens in eGovernment by creating intelligent public spaces through beacon technology and using gamification to engage citizens to public services.


The challenge is to put the right public services and the simplest participation channel in the pocket of every citizen in the right moment and in the right place. The collective of organisms, towns, cities and regions which take part in the project will be members of THE GOOD CITIZEN NETWORK with the objective of sharing good practices.

At this moment we only need letter of support (model attached) signed by a municipality or organism, to justify the interest in joining the project if the second phase were awarded.

If you are interested in taking part of this initiative or think it could be interesting for any of your fellows please do not hesitate to contact us at thegoodcp@deustosistemas.net