Teen Dating Violence

Healthy Relationship vs Unhealthy Relationship

What is Teen Dating Violence?

Teen dating violence is defined as the physical, sexual, psychological, or emotional violence within a dating relationship.

Types of TDV?

1)Physical - causing physical pain or injury to one another.

2)Sexual - sexual abusing other such as rape.

3)Psychological - mental abusing, causing anxiety, or stress.

4)Emotional - abusing one's feelings.


Their have been many incidents, in the past year that has cost many lives. This is mostly physical abuse. Many victims have been killed by their dating partner. This mostly occurs in during a break-up. For example, a few years ago a cheerleader 16 year-old, Demi Cuccia was stabbed 16 times by her boyfriend who is 18 years-old. He used the same knife to slit his throat.


Teen dating violence impacts on a lot of teenagers at also a very young age. But we must learn how to react to TDV. Because if your stay with your abusive dating partner, it could get worse. It goes from hurting then to killing. So we must be looking at the risk factors beforehand, so we don't engaged on the problem in the relationship.
Teen Dating Violence PSA


The video below shows two young female teenagers, who are doing their homework together. Later one of the teens got a text from her boyfriend saying threats that if she don't check up on him then something bad will happen. So her other friend gave her a little booklet that tells everything about TDV. Then the teenager suddenly felt that she know what to do to deal with this problem.