Marcus Luttrell

lone survivor

about Marcus Luttrell

Marcus was born on 7th of march,1975,in Houston Texas . Marcus is a former navy seal his units were Seal team 5, seal team 10, SDV Team 1. Marcus has served in iraq and Afghanistan, he is most famous for his act in operation red wings. he is now married in texas with 2 kids. he grow up in his home town he started his training for seals when he was 14, he was trained by a former us army soldier,he lived on a farm in his early years. he had a high school eduation. murcus has not been awarded any awards for his books and he is now an author writing books about navl seals.
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lone survivor i have read but i have not read service a navy seal at war. lone survivor is about his tours in afganisten, iran and iraq and lone survivor is the most popular. he also tells us about when he was younger and his thourghts. this book is mostly know for operation red wings. To me this book is truly inserting it tells me to take opertunerites in life and what being survice is like. These books go into grave detail what his life was like before and after mill arty. One thing that i enjoyed was what he would do on deployment like find arms dealers, patrol, recon, high end targets and search and rescue.

This books gerne is non fiction book. if i could change this book i would not because it would not be non fiction.