Falcon Times

American Revolution


THe french and indian war began in 1978 it happened because england and native americans claimed the same land so the battled for it the british eventually won the battle and claimed the land.


The boston tea party was when king george the 3 passed taxes to the tea that the colonists love so the colonists got furious so they thought that they should take stand soy they dressed up as indians and british soldiers to dump the tea out of the harbor to get revenge from the king for passing laws to the tea that they love .

Patriot Heroes

Thomas Jefferson helped write the Declaration of Independence. He wrote to the colonists to expressed that they needed to start their own government.

George Washington

George Washington he was the leader of the army.

John Adams

John Adams he created the sons of liberty he wanted to fight for liberty.

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams he create the sons of liberty.

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin he was the helper of Jefferson. He wrote to the colonist to not be afraid of rebelling against Britain. He helped write the Declaration of Independence.

Nathan Hale

Nathan Hale he was the helper of Jefferson. He was a patriot and a protester. He gave speeches to the colonist to not give up and continue to fight again the British.

Results of the French and Indian War

In 1978 the British wanted more land. They fought the French for their land. This was called The French and Indian War. Some indians were helping the french and some indians were helping the British. The colonist also helped the British win the war .The british won the war and the british gained land.The British king started the Stamp Act because the war was too expensive to pay. Then the king made the Tea Act. The Tea Act was a tax on the tea.

The colonists became angry and they did not want to pay tax so the colonists dumped the tea into the harbor. the king then got mad and made the Intolerable Acts.