Dunhams Sports

Not just a typical christmas

Why are we giving?

WE are giving out clothes and sporting items to kids that are in need. Many kids arent as fortunate as some of us and have to go without christmas and not have toys to play with and dont receive any gifts. So what we (Dunham's Sports) are trying to do is help those kids and give them the great feeling of christmas. Many kids dont look foward to christmas because they maybe dont have family to get with or get gifts because there parents cant afford them so its just another christmas but this christmas is gonna be different we are helping many young ones.

When and where?

The donations will begin on christmas day (December 25,2014) at 1:00 and infront of dunhams in rockymount. Anyone one can come out it will be a fun time for the kids and we will let them see how christmas is all bout other then the real reason for the season.

Food will be served and drinks so come on out and have a great time.

Have a Merry Christmas and happy New Year :)