Visual Literacy

Incorporating images to help students learn


I was completing a peer review for a Social Studies teacher and as I observed the teacher teaching amendments to the class, the teacher only lectured about the important amendments, hit the high lights and moved on to the next topic. I immediately thought of that moment with this assignment.

How to enrich the lesson using visuals...

For example I have selected only three images to help the teacher to teach amendments. More images would be used when teaching the entire lesson. The images that I selected cover more than what three amendments stand for. Not only does it teach what amendments are what but the students are able to tell a story by just looking at the images. I see those images myself and I want to learn more!

Outreach to other classes...

I enjoy it when I see my students helping to educate other students about topics in the classroom. Another visual literacy tool that I may suggest to this teacher is an Amendment parade. I would have the students to research more about a specific amendment that they have an interest in. After the research they will work on a short description about their amendment to share with the other class(es). I believe these would be great visuals for each student in the Social Studies to see as well as the other students in other classes.

Created by: Kristi Miller