ESI Pre-Arrival Challenge 2

Challenge 2 Deadline: August 12

Part I: Introduction to Social Innovation and Design Thinking

There is a wide range of knowledge and experience with social innovation and design thinking in our ESI group. For part I of Challenge 2, let's explore what we mean by these two concepts by watching the 2 short videos below.
Video 1: See a new world of possibilities through the Story of Solutions
One definition of Social Innovation: A social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value that this solution creates is also shared more with the whole society rather than one person or a single organization.
The Story of Solutions
Video 2: See how design-thinking was used to creatively improve children's health
What is Design Thinking

Part II: Join our changemaker community on Hylo

Facebook is great for photos & knowing each other's hobbies but sometimes it's harder to share resources or get help for our social innovation projects.

Hylo is a new online platform for sharing resources and helping each other to reach our goals. You can also read other members' profiles and learn what skills and experiences they have. Soon, you will be able to ask for help or offer opportunities across every VIA program in the U.S and Asia.

Be an innovator with us here: join our Hylo network and complete your profile!

Join the Hylo VIA Social Innovation Network

Please complete your profile by August 12!

Part III: What social problem is important to you and why?

Let's get to know each other better by sharing one social problem that is important to you.

1) Click here to download the Challenge Two template as a separate file (email Ash if you can't access it). "Make a COPY" of this template to share one social problem that you are passionate or curious about. In your own words, answer each question and add pictures related to your topic. Note: If you cannot think of a topic, just do some quick research. There are no right or wrong answers, and it's ok if you change your topic & answers in the future. Please also feel free to create your own format, we look forward to know you better in any creative way!

2) When you finish, take a screenshot or photo of your COPY or your own design, make a post in the Hylo VIA Social Innovation community using "#intentions", and attach the picture. You can write the name of the issue as your subject line, like: "I want to help ___" or "I'm interested in ____".