The Weekly News

September 26, 2016

Google Expeditions

Google just released the IOS App for Expeditions. This amazing app lets the teacher guide students through a virtual field trip of international locations. The teacher and the students download the app. The teacher launches the app and selects guide. The students would select explorer. With all devices on the same wireless network and connected through the app, the teachers guides the student through the experience.
Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can't

Chrome Tip - Save to Google Drive

There is no need to save internet research to a PDF and then upload into Google Drive. Save the hassle and use the Cloud Print option from Chrome! Navigate to the print menu in Chrome. Select Destination and find the "Save to Google Drive".
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App of the Week - Cardboard Camera

Want your students to make 360 degree videos for Virtual Reality activities? Use Cardboard Camera. This app, just launched by Google for IOS last week, turns your device into a 360 degree camera. These videos play in Google Cardboard. Give it a try!
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