Move To A New England Colony

It's the place for you!

The Geography of the New England Colonies

There is not a lot of good soil for farming, but the Atlantic ocean is filled with fish to eat. There are lots of forests that are filled with Wild turkey and deer. The colonies to the south are filled with Iron. There are not many mountains or rivers, but well take care of your problems.

We got a great economy

People here work by hunting deer and Wild turkey, growing crops like Indian corn, pumpkin, squash, and beans, cutting down trees and selling their wood to sawmills, fishing for cod and halibut, and hunting for whales. You could sell the fish you caught, the meat from animals you killed, wood from trees you cut down, whale oil, and crops. There are so many ways to make a living here in the New England colonies.

Our government rules

If you become a member of the church, then you can vote for a governor. Also, you could vote for a representative. If this this doesn't satisfy you, then you could come to town meetings where we vote on and discuss town issues.

If you want religion, then you've got it

We practice Christianity. There is no other religion you can follow here. So if you're christian, you don't have to worry about religious persecution. We take the sabbath seriously, so you must attend the church service, and you are not allowed to play games, visit taverns, or drink. But when you're in church worshiping god, you don't even have time for that stuff. Anyways, it's against the bible to do this stuff on the sabbath, so this helps you stick to being a good christian.

We will give your children an education

There are grammar schools that teach students Latin and Greek. There are also town schools that teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. There were some colleges like Harvard, which is in Massachusetts.

We've got you covered

There are not many slaves, and the work that slaves do is some work on farms, but mostly work in the cities. We mostly use Indentured servants. If you can not afford to come to America, then we pay you're way here. In exchange, you work for us on a farm for 4 to 7 years. When you are done, you have freedom and a free 50 acres of land. This is an indentured servant.