Tiogue Faculty and Staff Bulletin

September 2, 2019 - No.1

Happy Labor Day 2019

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What's Happening at Tiogue Elementary School, Home of the Timberwolves

*WELCOME BACK* - sent to families in their newsletter

We know how difficult it is to come back to school after a long summer vacation. But, with that said, our students did extremely well during their first 2 days back to school.

We will continue our goal of improving attendance this year. All of our efforts paid off greatly last year. Monthly attendance incentives will take place again this year. Students will be recognized in several different ways when they do not miss a day of school during any given month. Alex Smith from Horace Mann has again generously donated 3 Amazon Kindle Fire devices so that we can award one device per trimester for our Tiogue attendance superstars.

Our first Attendance Raffle winner will be announced after the first trimester. The 1st trimester will end on November 22nd this year. More information about our attendance incentives will be sent home soon.

Reminder: Our Kindergarten students begin their first day of school on Wednesday of this week, September 4th. If you are a parent or guardian of an incoming Kindergarten student, you may come into the building on day one, to bring your child into our cafeteria. The Kindergarten teachers will meet their class in the cafeteria on Wed. morning. If you are not available, we will have teachers and staff from Tiogue there to help to escort your child to the right location.

Some parents/guardians have asked if their Kindergarten student is able to ride the bus on their first day - the answer is "yes". Again, if you can not come in on that day, it is okay. We will be there to scoop up all Kindergarten students on day one, and bring them to the cafeteria to begin their morning at Tiogue.

PLEASE SAVE THE DATE - Open House is scheduled for Tuesday, September 24th this year.

Looking forward to meeting all of you soon.

Hope everyone had a good long weekend.

All the best,

-Mr. Giusti

Important Information at Tiogue

Tiogue is proud to again be a Title One, Feinstein Leadership School!

Hours: 8:40am - 3:10pm

Students may come to school when supervisory coverage begins at 8:20am

Dates to Remember:

September 2019

-September 2 - NO SCHOOL, LABOR DAY

-September 3 - Our Last Day for Kindergarten Screenings; Dom at first Elementary Principal's mtg. after school today

-September 4 - PBIS Mtg. 7:50am in room 2; First Day of Kindergarten

-September 5 - First Official Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-September 6 - PBIS Passport Day for Gr. 2-5 Students (School-wide expectations)

-September 9 - PBIS Passport Day for Gr. K-1 Students (School-wide expectations)

-September 10 - AFLAC Rep at Faculty/Staff Lunches

-September 12 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information; School Committee Mtg. 7pm

-September 13 - PBIS All School Assembly - Chris Poulos BMX Champ

-September 16 - First PTA Mtg. (5:30pm in the Tiogue library or cafeteria)

-September 18 - Faculty Mtg., 3:20pm (Agenda thus far: Epilepsy Foundation Presentation, Alex Smith from Horace Mann, Open House, PBIS recap)

-September 19 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-September 23 through 27: Second annual, START WITH HELLO WEEK - see link for more information

-September 24 - Tiogue's Open House, 6:30pm

-September 26 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-September 27 - Perfect Attendance for the month closes - students will be given their first raffle ticket of the school year

October 2019

-October 1 - LifeTouch School Picture Day

-October 3 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 10 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 14 - NO SCHOOL, Columbus Day

-October 17 - Team Day: please check individual Google Calendars for specific information

-October 21 - PTA Mtg. (5:30pm in the Tiogue library or cafeteria)

PTA INFORMATION and Meeting Schedule:

9/16/19 at 5:30pm

10/21/19 at 5:30pm

11/18/19 at 5:30pm

12/16/19 at 5:30pm

1/13/20 at 5:30pm

2/10/20 at 5:30pm

3/16/20 at 5:30pm

4/13/20 at 5:30pm

5/18/20 at 5:30pm

6/8/20 at 5:30pm (Last Mtg. of the year)

School Store information:

PTA School Store will begin shortly. Last year, school store was open every other Wednesday during student lunch/recess times. More information to follow.

Our Mission and Motto:

At Tiogue School, we believe that students can achieve their personal best and become responsible and productive citizens by embracing all learning opportunities each day.

"Everybody is somebody at Tiogue"

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Building-Based Substitute Information - Danielle's Schedule

We will be scheduling Danielle in classrooms, on a rotating basis, based upon student need. When she is not needed to substitute in one of your classrooms or content areas, she will be rotating into classrooms. She will also be helping to cover the front desk when needed.

When she is available, Danielle will also be helping to cover your room when you begin to administer the DRA.

RtI/MTSS Information:

Lisa Lukowicz and Elizabeth Branch will be Co-Chairing the committee this year. We will meet this week to iron out details and to set up a calendar. More information to follow.

Teacher and Staff Evaluation Information:

Remember to go to the district website under the "Staff" top tab menu to access the evaluation cycle information. Within the next week or so, I will be contacting everyone that is set to be evaluated this year.

Our Nurse's Corner:

Welcome to a brand new school year

*Very Important*

MEDICATIONS: In order for your child to have any medications (prescription or over the counter) at the elementary level I must have a physician's order on file. You must provide the medication to the Health Office which matches the order exactly. This include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and cough drops.

2019 Fall Flu Clinic Information will be available soon.

-Gina D'Aguano MS, MEd, RN, CSNT

Achieve the Core: Journey's Adaptation site:

A message from our new Commissioner of Education:

Dear colleagues,

As we begin another school year, I want to extend my best wishes to you and your entire team. Below you will find a message that I wrote for front office staff, who are integral to your day-to-day operations, but may not subscribe to the Field Memo, our primary channel for communicating with school and district leaders. I am hoping you would be willing to share this with your district office staff. I sent the same message to superintendents in hopes that they will also share this message with their front offices.

Thank you, and I look forward to a productive year together!


Good morning, and welcome back to another school year!

I know this is a hectic time of year for you, but I wanted to reach out just to thank you for everything you do to make our schools warm, welcoming place of learning for all students.

The front office is the first line of communication and the first call when a problem arises. You spend your days putting out fires, answering questions, assisting your administrative team, and generally keeping the school on track.

You’re also the first face people see when they walk into the building. That is a position of incredible importance and responsibility. I am focused this year on improving school culture as a vehicle to improve student outcomes, and I recognize that you play a critical role in building a positive culture through a friendly greeting and your desire to help. As we collectively work to better engage our students and families, and help them to feel safe, comfortable, and welcome in our schools, I am grateful for all the things you do – big and small – that make your school community feel like a family.

Thank you again, and best of luck for a great school year!

Angélica Infante-Green


P.S. - If you haven’t already, consider subscribing to our weekly Field Memo to stay informed on education initiatives across the state!

EVERFI information from Don Cowart:


Coventry Public Schools has no-cost access to an online learning platform called EVERFI. Through this platform, you have access to co-curricular digital lessons on various 21st Century Skills which are designed to complement existing units, fill curriculum gaps or serve as a resource for you to support whole child education. EVERFI can support your advisory or content area in STEM, financial education/career readiness, social emotional learning and health & wellness. Here is access to a break down of their K-12 learning resources. Lesson lengths vary from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Have an account? - login by going to www.everfi.com/login

NEW EVERFI teachers - create your account by going to www.everfi.com/newteacher

Once you have logged in and have added the programs to your dashboard, create a class to generate a class code. When you are ready to get started with students:

  • Direct students to www.everfi.com/register

  • Provide them with your class code

  • Students will create a student dashboard with username and password and have access to the program. Students can add programs to their dashboard in the top right corner with a class code.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how these programs can support your classroom please contact our EVERFI representative Dan Weidmann at dweidmann@everfi.com.


Please have your schedules handed in by Friday, Sept. 6th.

Articles and other news:

Behavioral Specialist and Math Intervention Schedule:

*Kim Sturdahl will be at Tiogue Monday through Friday*

*Reminder: Do not send students to the office to deliver major behavior referrals

Referrals: Please complete all sections of the minor behavior referral forms online for Kim. Be as specific as possible.

Please turn in all major referrals to Kim within 24 hours of the infraction or incident.

MATHEMATICS: Mary V. will be at Blackrock this upcoming week

**Article of the week**

September 2nd:

8 Proactive Classroom Management Tips - by, EduTopia

July, 2019: Fantastic Ways of Finding Anything in Google Drive, found on Twitter.

Culture of Empathy

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Copy of our Newest Elementary Handbook for Tiogue