Union Soldiers

In the North

Before the Civil War

Most soldiers were in their early 20's. Some younger applicants lied about their age and got in to the army anyways. Anyone who could pay $300 could be exempted from the fighting, so many of the Soldiers were poor farmers. Throughout the war, Women dressed up as men so they could join the fighting and fight for what they thought was right.


Union soldiers’ uniforms were dark blue and made of thick wool. Their only relief from the hot and uncomfortable outfit was most often a cotton shirt sent to them by their families, as their army issued shirts were also made of wool. The reason that their uniforms were made of wool was because wool would not take in water, or remain wet like cotton in the event of rain, and it was also more durable. Union soldiers also wore woolen caps which had leather visors to provide shade when aiming in the blazing sun. Union soldiers not only had better uniforms, they also had better weapons, British made Enfield rifles were normal, and they were the most accurate weapons on the battlefield.

Also, Union soldiers carried a heavy knapsack, a blanket, and a small protective cover called “dog tent”. Union soldiers carried a haversack filled with the usual set of eating implements, a canteen and a frying pan being the most important. Unlike the southern Rebels, the Federals were required to groom themselves, and maintain a proper appearance, therefore their kit also included a comb, a razor, and other personal hygiene products.

Duties of a Soldier

As a soldier they had many duties such as: making sure metal fittings were polished, horses were groomed and watered, fields were cleared for parades and drills, and guard duty. The soldiers fought under generals.

Perspective of a Union Soldier

As a Union soldier I fight for the rights of the United States Constution, "all men are created equal." In the beginning I thought the war was going to be a short and easy win for the union. The Confederate states had proven to us that they will keep fighting to keep their slaves. It has been lonely without my family and I've seen many of my friends die on the battlefield. I will continue to fight for my country and for its rights.


The Northern Soldiers fought for what they believed in. Many soldiers died in battle. The Northern Soldiers fought against the southern soldiers and overall won the Civil War.



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