Traver Newsletter

Trimester 1- September-October-November-December

Welcome Traver Learning Community

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer with your family and friends. All of us at Traver are looking forward to a wonderful school year filled with learning, laughing and challenging each other to be the best version of ourselves.

If it is your first year at Traver Primary school or you have been with us before, we welcome you with open arms. We are here to listen, support and work collaboratively to ensure the success of your child(ren).

The first weeks of school are busy, overwhelming and exciting for the children and adults! It is normal in the beginning if your child isn’t sleeping or sleeping a lot, if they don’t eat all their lunch-or try to buy everything in the lunch line and/or is a little anxious. The school days are long, with lots of information to process and we work very hard to learn each child, meet them at their gifts and support their needs….we look forward to it!

Please look over this newsletter for helpful information.

Looking forward to a wonderful school year.


Mrs. Conrad

14 Tips for a Successful School Year

Article Synopsis: As the new school year unfolds, the time is ripe to consider some important tips about creativity, productivity, and well-being so as to inspire parents and kids.

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