Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Sarahi Nava-Rubio 24 August 2012

The story took place ih san fransico's chinatown,it is one of the biggest communitie out frpm asia. The nieghborhood with it amazing mix of restaurants, shops,businesses , and regious and cultural institution is a crowded  and bustling place. The area was  settle by chinese immigrants who arrived during the gold rush of 1949.


ni kan doesnt want to a progity but the mom wants her to be a progity so the daughter acts rebelious on the mother . 


at the begining the mom wanted her to be a prodigy so she made her watch movies. then the daughter started taking piano classes which her mother and  herslef agreed on doing. so at the talent show she mest up and started yelling at her mother. few years went by and her mother died and she realized that everthing her mother did was cause she care about her.

the internal and external conflict

the internal confict was that the mother was hurt of the deapth of her daught. The External Conflict was her daughter yelling at her say that shewas never alive .


Symbolism was the pianohow her mother wanted her to be a prodigty

when she saw herself in the mirrior

How does it relate to the title?the daughter look at herself in the mirrior and she looks at her self and says she looks evil like a monster.her feeling when she saw herself was a great feeling for her .