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The program itself is a complex system of moving from level 1 At level 4. Evaluation of the leading positions in this classification schemes In addition to queue management system continuing their sophisticated location Information systems. During the life stages of a project can be , On the other hand, a parallel shift when several programs Programs and departments can be in a different place each To continue.

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More sophisticated ( or automatic ) as appropriate, may Or local conditions, or in some cases, possible External factors. It may be accepted at a temple 5 Conference 2001 Audi -IS 6 of the same Level 1 : queue management system paper -based system Level 2 : Word, Excel and General Software Level 3 : Information & Analysis Packages Part 4 : Fully integrated system Information Requirements The level of sophistication Audi IS- Guidelines cinnappoti For one thing, as long as it is a system that allows for better quality And reliable information.

The main requirement is an important As part of a coherent information management systematization Information management process, and it must queue management system be done before ( Technology adoption) automatic. 7 Does not necessarily mean that it is not capable of using sophisticated technology. Little information requirements will not be a small project A complex integrated system. In contrast, control Even a simple manual system could be less than the solution. A program to determine the information needs Make the appropriate technology.

As the graph below shows the relationship queue management system between the amount of Quality of the information and comparing the information system At four different levels, as shown above : Audi, Figure 3 shows the ability of the IS A certain amount of information on the size, capacity rises It tends to decrease over time due to the use of a MIS Details, and to implement the study takes. For example, a two-level system is capable of Increasing amounts of information.

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This does not necessarily mean that A Level 4, on the contrary, it means that it is ideal for a stage 4 When the message size is smaller, has lower capacity. 7 pp. MIS Benefit Information Unit • The status of a ( paper -based ) • Stage Two ( desktop applications ) • Level Three ( Databases ) • Level Four ( Integrated Applications ) Each level increases the amount of information that has reduced its capacity.

While plans to move to the next stage is to identify Audi IS- Guidelines cinnappoti The small track can be found through a complex system in an attempt to structure, manage and use System and all of its associated costs, the system level to less than 4 Effective compared queue management system to simple solutions.

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