Space and Gravitas


About the Training

This short immersion course will be an introduction to how to own your space immediately on entering a room during a meeting; how to come across with gravitas, kudos, and confidence. It's about holding your space, vocal gravitas and telling your story in a compelling way.

Based on your feedback from 2015, we have extended the course to 4 hours and it will be led by two tutors rather than one resulting in a more personalised experience!

Some the key topics covered include:

  • How to make a confident entrance and lasting impression
  • Examine how the use of tone, pause and emphasis improves communication skills

It will show you how to:

  • Build a confident and positive physical presence
  • Use the voice to influence, interest and inspire
  • Practice making an entrance and holding an audience's attention
  • Tell a story in a way that is compelling and persuasive

All sessions will take place 9am-1pm on the following dates:

February 12

April 22

June 10

August 5

October 7

December 9


All sessions will take place at the RADA Studios, 18-22 Chenies Street, WC1E 7PA

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How to get enrolled?

Attendee's are chosen randomly from a list of nominations.

Should you want to attend please discuss with your coach and ask them to nominate you by sending an email to


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