What Would We do Without Them

By Zachary period 7

Q. What role do leaders play in shaping the way a community responds to a crisis and in preventing other crises?

A. They help calm people down and distract people so then the others can fix the rest of the problem. For example, James Brown calmed people so the police could clean out the streets a lot easier, and in the Jasper the community leader (Walter Diggles) helped calm people down so then they didn't make a riot outside of the court house.

The Ways (James Brown)

The leaders in communities have different ways in calming people down. James Brown use the power of his music to calm people down. Martin Luther King Jr. and Walter Diggles gave speeches.


James Brown I feel good by sundstrom1337
As you can see from the music James Brown has music from years ago that people still listen to today. This leader as a unique way of getting to people by the lyrics in his music.

The Ways (Walter Diggles and MLK)

Walter Diggles didn't use music but they used the power of their words to get people to listen. In the next video listen to people react to their words and listen for repetion in their words. It is a method that is used by multiple people to get their point across.

The Times of Need

Walter Diggles and James Brown came into play at two different times. James Brown came into action in Boston after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Walter Diggles came into play in Jasper, Texas when a murder has happened.
Martin Luther King - I Have A Dream Speech - August 28, 1963

James Brown! Help!

James Brown came into action when Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in Mephis on April 4, 2014. The black community was in a full on riot. People were stealing things, burning down buildings, and destroying public property. James Brown had a concert and people were returning their ticket because they were doing other things within the city. In order for there to be less crime in the city a TV company broadcasted the concert. James Brown cal,ed people down and got people to come into their houses to watch the concert. There was not as much crime for the rest of the night and the police was able to clean up some of the mess.
The government did this so then there are less black people near the white people. Most believed that whites and blacks should not mix.

Extra! Extra! Walter Diggles Saves the Court

Walter Diggles came into action when James Byrd Jr. was assassinated by William King, Lawerence Brewer, and Shawn Berry. Walter Diggles stood outside of the court so then the black community in Jasper from rioting by giving them updates of what is going on in the courthouse. William King, and Lawerence Brewer were sentenced to death. Shawn Berry was sentenced to life in prison.
Walter Diggles didn't only give speeches though. Mr. Diggles constantly visited the Byrd family to talk about how they feel about what happened, and why they think it happened. They also talked about how they feel toward the people in the court.

The Five Questions

Q. The black people were separated in to two different whats in Boston, and Jasper?

A. Communities

Q. What the the fence in Jasper draw for the black and white communities in the town?

A. Color lines are very clearly drawn

Q. At the end of the crises each of the races realized that they had what?

A. Race Relations

Q. African Americans faced many forms of what in society?

A. Segregation

Q. The effect that occurred after the crises were over between the two races

A. The healing effect

Music by James Brown