By: Josie Truckey


Come to Utah! There are many things to do, such as visiting Arches National Park. Or you could ski in some of the mountains. In Utah you might see many gorgeous mountains and deserts. Utah is part of the four corner states. So you could visit Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona at the same time! These are just a few of the amazing things you can do in Utah, and hopefully you do them all!

Fun Things To Do And See In Utah

In Utah you might see tall, beautiful mountains and sweltering deserts to explore. There are some very cool landmarks, like the Temple Square. All the cool landforms in Utah are what makes the state amazing. The mountains, the deserts, rivers, and lakes all make Utah a blast! National Parks, such as Arches National Park, or Zion National park, and more, are also a spectacular way to spend time in Utah. So please go!

History Of Utah

Utah is the 45th state in America. It was created on January 4th 1896. Utah's state flag is blue with the state seal in the middle surrounded by a yellow fringed border. The state seal was designed by Harry Emmet in 1896. Utah was named after the Native American Tribe "Ute" meaning `People Of The Mountains`.

Utah Facts

State tree: Blue Spruce

State flower: Sego lilly

State rock: Coal

State fish: Cutthroat trout

State motto: Industry

State song: "Utah We Love Thee"

Approximate population: 2,855,287

Experience The Mighty 5: Utah's National Parks