All About Apple

“Here we go,” thought the three men that started the Apple revolution,as they sold their first Apple computer.On April 1,1976,not only the Apple computer,but the company itself embarked on a journey that would take them places they couldn’t have imagined,and bring you things that were spectacular.Join me as I tell all about Apple!

Men Behind It All !

Steve Jobs,Steve Wozniak,and Ronald Wayne were the three men who started the Apple revolution,in a garage! These three men enjoyed rocking out in Steve Jobs’ parents garage,in an attempt to have a so called band.Steve J. and Ronald both worked at a gaming company called Atari,but Steve W. worked at a different company. They soon started working on the first Apple computer on April,1,1976.Ronald Wayne hand constructed the computer and sold it for $800.Apple 1, was a do it yourself kit that didn’t even come with a case!It was sold for $666 at the Byte shop.This computer was also built by hand,and no electronics were involved.

Why Not Banana ?

If you are wondering why the Apple logo is an apple,well now you will find out.The Apple logo is a tribute to Alan Turing.He laid the foundation for the computer,and also unlocked the German wartime codes.Sadly,he soon got sent to jail,where he bit into an apple laced with cyanide.He eventually died on June 7,1954 of obscurity.Then soon after, two men searching for a logo for their new computer found this story and used the apple for a logo.

Homes of Apple

As I already commented,Apple started in a garage,where Steve J.,Steve W.,and Ronald Wayne created the first Apple computer.Then soon the headquarters of Apple was created in Cupertino,California.There is also an Apple campus known as the Infinite Loop in Cupertino,California.Now,there are 437 retail stores for Apple in 15 countries,and worldwide stores for Apple products, like the Iphone,The Macintosh (Mac),etc.

Smartphone War !

Samsung and apple have been rivals for the past three years!It started when Apple believed that Samsung had copied them with the Galaxy X.Later,Samsung and Apple had a conference,as a result, the anger started to rise between these two companies.The funny thing is that Apple even compared the two phones,and made slides to present about at the conference!The conflict between these two huge companies is still being resolved,but we are hoping for more Apple products in the

years to come.

So,if you have an idea like these three men did,don’t be afraid to do it.Make a difference in the world with your idea,change the world.The small act that you do,might help the future.As a sign off,I want you to know,that every small act,makes a big difference in the end.

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