MPACT 2014 Planning Meeting

Week of February 10 - 14, 2014


  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Review of MPACT 2014 Website
  3. Next Steps

Friday, February 14, 2014

  1. Steering Committee Updates
  2. Solidify MPACT 2014 Schedule
  3. Determine Session Strands & Write Description of Strands
  4. Brainstorm Ideas for Next MPACT Meeting

Next Steps


  • Provide Requested Narratives for Website to Ashley & Jodi
  • Finalize Elevator Speeches/MPACT Message with Leslie
  • Send Lori the narrative for the Prospectus
  • Follow Up With Lunch/Invoices from Charles Brown and Leslie Thomas
  • Set up meetings with campuses to market MPACT (I'd like to start in March, the week after Spring Break)
  • Other:


  • Construct Website
  • See if Colleen needs anything from us for the book study
  • Other:


  • Provide deadline dates for proposal
  • Invite Leslie to our next meeting so that we can give her updates on where we are specifically with our MPACT Schedule
  • Add to technology timeline for Abby to take a nice individual picture of everyone in our department for the program guide by May
  • Add to technology timeline for Abby to take a group picture of the C & I Team (summer)
  • Can you put whatever pictures that Lacy sent you from MPACT 2013 to me? I would like to use some in the Prospectus Packet (by next Friday)
  • Other:

All of Our Crew

  • Update our timeline, if needed
  • Begin Preparation for our Upcoming MPACT meeting
  • Get each other things needed to complete individual tasks
  • Sharpen Our Saws
  • Other: