Final Festival

By:Ethan Gray

Appetizer Italy

  • GDP:2.149 TRILLION

  • L.E:82.94 years

  • GDP per capita:35,925.88 USD

  • Literacy Race:99%

  • Infant Mortality:3

  • P.B.P:29.9%

  • Homicides:0.9

Appetizer Chile

GDP per capita:15,732.31 USD





Below Poverty:15.1%



I would choose this asstralia as my country because it has very high stats and is a very well rounded country and has good laws and public interaction.

Diversity of Ethnicity

The Ethnicity is not very diverse with White being 96%,Asian 7%,Other 1%.This is a minor set back if your “Other.” but other than that it is pretty cool.


This country has one of the highest employment rates of all times.It is practicly the 5th on a ranking of best employment options.

The immigration laws for Australia let anybody become a legal citizen-y stuff you must get a VISA to stay and become a legal citizen.

In the end this is a very good country once you live there animals roam and everyone is very happy and they have a great employment options.


This is a night that most Scottis people celebrate that honors Robert Burns this holiday is with fun poems traditional Scottish food and more.