Properties of Rational Exponents

Digital Media Presentation Rubric

Task: Create a presentation using digital media to explain, clarify, or illustrate the properties of rational exponents.

The final product is due at the end of class on Wednesday, February 27.

You may choose to work alone or with a partner.

Examples to (possibly) include:

Possible Digital Media (You May Choose Others!)


The website was used for this rubric!

Click Here for an infographic about infographics so you can learn about them

Presentation Software

Feel free to create a Prezi or Slide Rocket for your product. You could also choose to utilize Educreations or create a Google Site!


84% Content; 16% Presentation

Content: Must include 6 properties listed next to "Task" and include accuracy within the appropriate vocabulary and mathematical process (14 points per topic)
Presentation: Must clearly explain, clarify, or illustrate the 6 properties next to "Task"

The product grade will count as an "Apply" opportunity, also known as a Quiz grade.