Hampton Bays Middle School

Monday Memo #30

We Are HBMS!

Happy April!

Last week's National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony has me feeling proud of the work you all do with our students, and the programs we are offering our students daily. Think of the five pillars of the NJHS:

  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Citizenship
  • Character
  • Academic Achievement

Now think of where we see these values in our middle school community.

The work we do to offer our students ongoing opportunities in these areas, in our classrooms, our teams and departments, and in our school community impress me every day. They also inspire us to keep pushing ourselves and one another to strive to greatness, for our students.

Take a few minutes this week to appreciate this work, by visiting the slide show above, or any of the previous 29 installments from this school year, which can be found in the links below.

Let's have a great week together, for our students and with our students. I appreciate all that you do for our students and our middle school program!


We Are HBMS! (Monthly Slide Show)

Remember...we are learners first.

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