The unexpected Day

By: Nataly Reveles

The Unexpected Day

One beautiful morning I woke got up and looked outside and I decided that it was a nice day to go to the mall.I went to mostly every store. I was very happy because I love clothes. I bought shoes and jewelry. I was also happy because I haven't been shopping for 2 weeks.

Then, when I was about to go into Macy’s I got a phone call from a number I did not know and it said Hawaii .I was scared because what if is was a person that would say we are taking your house away. When I answered it was a strange voice. Then i said hello and they started speaking. They said “ how would you like to spend a whole day with Bruno Mars”. I said “yes” screaming and they told me that they were on their way. Then they called me and said to go outside because they were waiting outside.

After , I went outside and saw them. So we went inside and went to go but a smoothie. After that we finally finished our smoothie we went to Macy’s and we bought a lot of stuff. Then we went to the store Papayas and we bought more clothes. Then when I turned back to ask Bruno Mars a question he was not there. Then I asked the security if he can help me and then we looked everywhere.

After that we looked everywhere then we remembered that there was one place where we did not look . We went running to the bathroom. The security went in and he started to look for him and the security heard someone throwing up. He went to the stall and opened it. It was Bruno Mars. He said that his stomach started hurting when he finished his smoothie. So I remembered I had a pill. I gave it to him and he felt better.

Finally, we were about to enter to another store and Bruno Mars got a call. He answered and it was his manager. He said that they had to leave because he had a concert at 6:00. So I took him and we hugged and I said the it would be good to get together another day. He was about to get in his limousine when he told me to wait because I was about to leave and he gave me two tickets for his concert and then we said goodbye.