G/T GazeTte

Mrs. Restuccia's G/T Class

Fourth Nine Weeks, June 1, 2017

Hi Parents,

I know we are all looking forward to summer break! I hope your time with your family is safe and fun! I have sixteen 5th graders that I am saying farewell to! I will miss them! Please keep me in touch with all their successes!

The G/T curriculum is being updated this summer. I don't know what the changes will look like or exactly when it will be "rolled out", so stay tuned!

Please remember that the capacities for the fourth nine weeks are Creativity, and Research/Problem Solving, which will be reflected in the online report card.

Fifth Grade

The students did such a great job on the World Race book (Going A Cross The World) for Miss Sears! I was so proud of their end result! She was teary eyed as she accepted the book and backpack with all the generous items you sent in! Thanks again for your support on the project! I'm so glad we had the opportunity to do this!

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders stayed busy with the creation of their Spaghetti Devices! This is probably one of my favorite activities to do with them! Spaghetti was donated from Italian Villa, so if you see a picture of my students on the wall of their restaurant, be sure to take a close look! We wrapped up the year with More Bang for My Bucks challenges. It was interesting to see what appealed to each student and hear why!

Third Grade

Third grade's natural disaster hats were fun to see. I liked to see which items they deemed most important and hear why! Also, they wrapped up the year by writing and presenting a spoof that contained elements of Natural Disasters + Wizard of Oz + fairy tales. Miss Shovel's class was their audience!

Second Grade
Second grades ended the year on a mysterious and challenging note-with Missing Persons and Sleuth! Both simulations involved literature and clue finding! I think all students had fun being detectives! It was interesting to watch them puzzle over the clues!