Romanian Revolution


Background information:

Ceauşescu became part of the communist party in 1948. He later became the first president of Romania in 1974. Once president he made a path so only his son could be the next president. He pushed for power and wealth.

He transferred all his people to apartments. The people were given rationed food and most lived in unemployment.

The Protests Start

After multiple events which angered the people, riots broke out in the cities. Even in the capital there were protests

After The Protests

Once the riots got to be too much for the government. The government and people held a secret trial. The trial decided for the president Ceauşescu and his wife's death. Soon later they were executed.

1989 Romanian Revolution

Getting the Country Back Together

Shortly after Ceauşescu death, Ion Iliescu was chosen for president and he helped bring the country into a democracy.