Life Span Project

Middle Adulthood from ages 40-65

Health Factors

Has you start entering middle adulthood there are many apparent physical changes that are happening to your body. People at this age tent to start growing grey hairs and well as their hair might start thinning. Wrinkles on the skin appear, their vision worsens as well as their hearing.

There are many inner changes going on in ones body as well, decline in the major organs such as lungs, heart and digestive system. This stage is also the stage women go through menopause.

Develop-mentalists call these forms of ageing, primary ageing, this means that the changes are inevitable, it will happen to everyone regardless of race, culture, or socioeconomic class.

Health and Wellness

Secondary ageing:

This happens when people tend to have unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, drug use, unhealthy eating alcohol abuse, obesity send lack of exercise. Doing any of the above would increase the aging process as well was damage the organs giving them a higher probability for cancerous diseases. Researchers have proven exercise alone reduces the risk of almost every serious illness, especially heart disease and cancer.

Techinques to Reduce Stress

Many "successful agers" have done two things to stay stress free, stayed connected with family and friends and exercised/kept active. At this age they have more time to spend with they're family since many are already in retirement or almost there. It's very important to stay connected and have interactions with loved ones. This would prevent depression, being alone especially at an older age can get lonely.

Another crucial factor at any stage really is exercise. Exercising daily releases endorphins, which in turn makes you a happier person already. Studies(student at Yale made a study of how people managed stress) have shown that people who have a more positive outlook on life could live up to 7 1/2 years longer, then those who see the "glass half full".

Supportive agencies

As people start to age they might have to start going to the doctor more frequently for check ups or minor emergencies. One very important assistant would be the family practitioner. They would be there if you had any questions about their aging bodies or just any medical questions.