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Wednesday 17 May 2023

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Macleans Primary School Community

Hi Everyone

Another two weeks has passed since the last newsletter, and what a super 2 weeks it has been at Macleans Primary. Of course we have had all of classroom programmes in full operation, but we have also had many additional learning activities take place: Mothers Day was a huge success with many mums joining us for morning tea and time in their respective child's class; the Bee lady spent time with the Y0-Y3 children supporting their inquiry LEARN on bugs; Y5 children had their bicycle skills programme.

Our regular extra-curricula programmes have also been happening: dance programmes, sport teams, kapa haka, Chess Club, Travelwise Enviro Programmes, Edpro 8 Technology programme, and more!

Our annual 'athon' begins soon. This year we are going to a Macleans Values 'Athon'. The timeline is in the body of this newsletter and details are coming home on Friday 26 May.

Do you have any old towels you can donate to Macleans Primary School? If so, please free to drop off in the school office as they will be used in many ways around the school!

Our home-school partnership is important to us. A reminder on our many communication channels that support the home-school partnership: seesaw, daily video notices through seesaw, email notices, emails, newsletter, Facebook Page, Website, telephone and of course 'F2F'.

A reminder that the 'Pink Shirt Day' is a day that some schools allow children to wear a pink shirt to show a 'stand against bullying'. We are not opposed to a pink shirt day at all, but rather we like to hold cazh-days (or similar) to support our Macleans Learner Values, so please 'watch this space' for the next Macleans-Values day (or similar).

Last week was New Zealand Sign Language Week and many classes practised some sign language and other activities. This week it is Road Safety Week. There will be various activities around the school to support Road Safety, mostly at the junior school (Y0-Y3).

Please enjoy this newsletter.

Regards & Nga Mihi

Matthew Cooke

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•Wednesday 31 May 2023

•MPS Notices and update at anytime

MPS Value: Resilience (and not giving-up!)

Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei

Seek the treasure you value most dearly: if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain

his whakatauki is about aiming high or for what is truly valuable, but it's real message is to be persistent and don't let obstacles stop you from reaching your goal.

In ThIs Newsletter

Headbands/scrunchies, Hauora: Sparklers, Travelwise Tip, School Jackets, Howick Youth Theatre, Value-Athon 2023, Sunnyhills Tennis Club, Table Tennis Table, Road Safety Week, R12 & R13 Seed Growing, Waipawa School Fundraiser, Y5 Biking, PTA Movie Montage, MPS School Library, Chinese Club, MPS Art Exhibition, Hunger Hut, Y4-Y6 Learning, Teacher Only Day, Whanau Coffee Group, Dates for Your Diary

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Hauora: Sparklers -

Sparklers is a great website that can support many aspects of Hauora. At home, Sparklers can help children to:

  • understand and manage their emotions
  • build their self esteem
  • make (and be) good friends
  • understand their well-being

Travelwise Tip

Never stop on yellow lines or double-park around the school. Parking like this can block the view of students and motorists making it hard for students to safely cross the road. Develop your child's road sense and let them walk the last 500 metres to school.

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Howick Youth Theatre: Snow White & Oliver (separate shows, not together, or it would be 'Snow Twist' or 'Oliver White' :))))

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Macleans Primary School Fundraiser 'Athon': Value-AThon 2023

We have decided that this year's Athon will be a Value-Athon (not maths as previously stated) The 'Athon' is the MPS Annual School Fundraiser. This year the money is going towards new heating/cooling units in the library and furniture upgrades in the Year 1 classrooms. Here is the timeline:

Friday 26 May - Sponsorship sheets and Information sheets sent home (children to begin working on values and gathering sponsors)

**The children will have 3 weeks to be involved in the Value-Athon'**

**Special Value-Athon Assembly for whole school on Friday 26 May**

Monday 19 June - Sponsorship sheets and money returned to class teacher - 1st opportunity to return money if you are making a flat-fee contribution of $35.00

Friday 23 June - Sharing Day! (also a ‘Cazh Day - free non-uniform day’). All children will share what they have done towards their values.

Friday 30 June (last day term 2) - Aim for sponsorship money to be returned - 2nd opportunity to return money **Holidays - chance to gather and organise the money if needed**

Friday 21 July - All final sponsorship money collected and returned by this time. This is the first Friday of term 3.

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New Table Tennis at Macleans is soon to be a hit for sure (Thanks Auckland Table Tennis!)

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R12 & R13 Seed Growing

Last Term Our fundraising Cazh Day was donated to Waipawa School to help them after Cyclone Gabrielle. Here is a letter from Waipawa School (Please download below)

Waipawa School Fundraiser

Last Term Our fundraising Cazh Day was donated to Waipawa School to help them after Cyclone Gabrielle. Here is a letter from Waipawa School (Please download below).

Year 5 PE & Sport Programme: Bicycle Skills

Macleans Movie Montage: PTA Movie Fundraiser on 7 May 2023

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Macleans Primary School Library

We are lucky to have a great school library, a central space in the school where so much happens. The library is well-resourced and open throughout the day for formal lessons and activities during morning tea and lunchtime. It is also open afterschool for different programmes. Unfortunately this is not the case for many NZ schools, with an estimation that only 900 of 2500 NZ Schools have a library. Studies have shown that a library is vital for building literacy, and they also make a positive difference in student's Hauora, learning outcomes, ability to critically analyse and growth in empathy. The School Library Association of NZ (SLANZA) is campaigning to ensure that all students in NZ, at every level of their education, have access to effective school library services that will support their literacy and learning. SLANZA is currently raising money for libraries who have lost books due to Cyclone Gabrielle Damage. Link HERE for more information.

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Macleans Primary Art Exhibition

Friday, May 19th, 9am to Sunday, July 16th, 5pm

35 Uxbridge Road

Auckland, Auckland

You've seen the amazing art on display in the classrooms, office and hall, now see some of it exhibited at the Uxbridge Arts centre. This is a great showcase for the art at Macleans Primary School.

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Y4-Y6 Parent Information Session from Wednesday 3 May: Download the presentation below

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Dates For Your Diary

Wednesday 17 May - Ready, Set, Go 1.45- 2.45. Getting ready for school programme for Y1's starting at Macleans Primary School

Friday 19 May - Inter-school rugby

Tuesday 23 May - Value-Athon Info. and timeline sent home (hard copy)

Tuesday 23 May - Inter-school netball

Wednesday 24 May - Value-Athon Information/Sponsor Sheets sent home

Wednesday 24 May - Ready, Set, Go 1.45- 2.45. Getting ready for school programme for Y1's starting at Macleans Primary School

Friday 26 May - Value-Athon Information/Sponsor Sheets sent home

Monday 29 May - BoT Board Meeting @ 6pm

Wednesday 31 May - Ready, Set, Go 1.45- 2.45. Getting ready for school programme for Y1's starting at Macleans Primary School

Thursday 1 June - Enviro. Awards (inc. moth plants) @ Howick Primary 3.30 - 5pm (Auckland Council)

Thursday 1 June - Y0-Y3 Museum Trip (Science Focus: mini-beasts)

Friday 2 June - Teacher Only Day (School Closed)

Monday 5 June - King's Birthday National Holiday (School Closed)

Tuesday 6 June - Y0-Y3 Coffee and Chat (staffroom @ 9.15)

Tuesday 6 June - Y5 & Y6 Girls Soccer Inter-School Tournament

Tuesday 13 June - Inter-school Chess Competition (Chess Team)

Tuesday 13 June - Year 4 Team at Chelsea Sugar Factory

Wednesday 14 June - Year 5 Team at Chelsea Sugar Factory

Monday 19 June - Sponsor Sheets returned to class (and all sponsor money can begin to come into school, through cash, kindo or bank deposit)

Thursday 22 June - HPPA Dance Festival

Friday 23 June - Olympic Ambassador visits at Y4-Y6 Assembly (1.45pm)

Friday 23 June - Value-Athon Sharing Day! All children will share in class how they have gone with their Value-Athon

Monday 26 June - Y6 Team at Chelsea Sugar Factory

Friday 30 June - All Value-Athon Money returned by this date

Friday 30 June - Last Day of Term 2 (Day 1 of Term 3 is Monday 17 July)


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