What's Up

Week of October 31st- November 4th

Weekly Events

Monday, October 31st

No School for Students. Virtual PD Day. Staff must complete the Google form to Document PD was completed.

Tuesday, November 1st:

3:15-4:15 TTQ Practice in Gym

Wednesday, November 2nd:

Thursday, November 3rd:

MacDonald Out: Mrs. Sellers is Lead Teacher

1:30-3:00 PBIS Student Advisory Circles with Monique

3:15-4:45 TTQ Practice in the Gym

Friday, November 4th:

MacDonald Out: Mrs. Hartley is Lead Teacher

PTO Treats

Assessment Calendar:

Caring School Community Fall Screener: Please have all students complete this Google Form by November 1st.



Weekly Newsletter to Families

A staff member suggested including this in the What's Up because not all staff see this and there is information that isn't included in the What's Up.

Please click the Newsletter Link to see this week's newsletter. Feel free to share with your families, too.

Meaningful Work


There are jobs posted around the school for Meaningful Work. If you have students who are interested in a job at school, please have them fill out and turn in an application.

Virtual PD Day Monday, October 31st

Here is the link to the Virtual Learning Choice Menu.

On October 31, we get to have our first "virtual learning" day for adults in Orchard View :-)

Needless to say, we will learn a lot on this day; both for ourselves virtually, and about the format we use to document the learning/ flow of the day as a school system.

We plan on using a Google Form to track engagement that day. This form must be completed by 11:59pm on 10/31 for the district to count 10/31 as a full day. The form will be sent at 12:01 am for all our early risers out there.

The google form will allow you to make a record of the learning you selected for yourself to reach the amount of time required for the position you hold in the district.

Part of your time will be "must do's." These "must do's" will include all safe schools training and time to complete the google form. A link to the final Safe Schools training session on Active shooter situations will be sent out closer to 10/31.

The remaining part of the time required for your position will be your choice and will include a curated list of "may do's." These "may do's" will be grouped under our district's focus areas for adult learning pictured below:

We know and understand that learning should look different on that day based on your position in the district (from a Kindergarten teacher to a food service worker to a custodian to a bus driver to an AP Language teacher at the High School, we are working to curate meaningful sessions for you). That being said, if you have suggestions for your role or learning you would like to see available, please let Simeon know. EX: We could use some Tier 1 Team time for HS staff.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to ask about potential topics. Good Stuff!

Finally, we plan to have both synchronous and asynchronous learning activities available on 10/31. Buildings will be available for those who need/want to come into a building to use technology on that day with more details and a tentative list of choices available at the end of this week (we will continue to add to them).

Thanks for staying flexible as we all get to try something new!

Fall Fun at Cardinal!

Fall Fun at Cardinal Elemenary

Thank you!

Many thanks to the staff members and volunteers who helped to make Harvest Night, the Halloween Parade, and Halloween Parties a success. We had about 90 students for Harvest Night and lots of parents join us for harvest night, the parade, and classroom parties..

There were lots of positive comments about having family events in the building again.

Thanks for all you do!