Trip to Aix-en-Provence, France

Enjoy The Music

Town of water, town of art... Aix was built and has developed around this dual identity.

But the town also knows For it's blend of culture. It is a city of human dimension where the preserved heritage and the city of tomorrow blend perfectly.
Here, all is color and sensation: the light of the sky, the golden stone of the facades, the transparent green of the fountains, the shade of the plane trees, the city is not only beautiful but it also has an important musical background.

Aix en Provence gives you a warm welcome.

Things to do


  • This city is so bent on shopping, it has directional signs for stores! A multitude of expensive boutiques as well as budget clothing shops await you. Where are they? 1) In the Old Town 2) By la Rotunde (biggest fountain), near the Post Office. - this one is more like an American mall. There is a FNAC and an H&M among other things.


  • The city itself is fun to navigate because of its listless, winding streets. The "center" (cultural, not geographical) of town is Place de la Rotunde, a giant fountain. From La Rotunde, several avenues radiate to other parts of town, including the Cours Mirabeau, the most famous street in Aix. There are two major sections of the city: Vieux Aix (Old Aix) and the Quartier Mazarin (Mazarin Quarter).

Book shops

  • Wander into the bookshops, anglophone and francophone alike. For francophone books, check out the Librairie de Provence on the Cours Mirabeau. For English books, visit Book in a Bar in the Mazarin district (south of the city). They have a little café and give you cookies with every order.


  • Cathédrale Saint Sauveur - this cathedral was built over several centuries; its architecture reflects the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. The cloister (le cloître) is beautiful. Getting in is tricky. If you spot a tour group gathering around the door, follow them in! It's a great church with a gorgeous sounding organ. If you see a guide, ask him/her to show you the magnificent wooden doors. They are intricately carved. Because of their fragile nature, they remain covered most of the time.


  • Fountains - they're everywhere in Aix! The most famous is La Rotunde, in Place Charles de Gaulle at the end of the Cours Mirabeau. They make great meeting places.