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April Newsletter

Reminder: This week is "A" Week.



Thank you!

Thank you for getting photos submitted so that your students could be included as often as possible in the yearbook! It was sent to the printer this past Friday. We are expecting a May 13th delivery.

In your classroom/grade level newsletters, please note that yearbooks will be on sale online only until May 1st at The cost is $22 and we have gone back to hardcovers this year!


STILL Genre-izing the Library

With the yearbook deadline, I wasn't able to get as much of this done as I would have liked; however, I am back on the project and excited to be making progress.

What will this look like? There will be 9 genre sections: Adventure, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, Mystery, and Sports. This will make it easier for students to be able to browse their favorite genres for books. We will still have our Popular Series section that will remain the same.

When will this be done? I have finished updating the location of all titles in the catalog (2221 books!) and am now in the process of sticker labeling all the books with their correct genres. Once that is complete, I will then start the process of physically moving the books and sorting them into their genre groups. Please be patient with me as I complete this process since I can only work on it here and there between classes.

What about our Everybody (picture) books? I have plans for either the end of this year or early next year (depends on how much time I have) to separate out our Easy/Beginning/Step-by-Step books as well as popular subject picture books (i.e. princesses, dinosaurs, Dr. Seuss, etc) into their own sections so that students can also browse these books easily.


Mac C Cart

I know I sound like a broken record, but it is so important to get the mac airs turned in each afternoon so that they can charge up. It also gives me an opportunity to account for all of them each day. These cost $1200 each and I sure don't want to be responsible for any that are unaccounted for.


Gearing up for our book "Round-UP"

Mark your calendars for May 13th!

ALL books will be due in the library by Friday, May 13th. That will give me 3 weeks to work on collecting books not turned in, re-organizing, and re-shelving all of the books as well as my other end-of-year tasks. Last year I gave myself 2 weeks and it really just was not enough time.

The 1st class PreK-2 and the 1st class 3-5 to get all their books turned in will win a popsicle party!



I am in desperate need of some parent help in the library. If you have a parent in your room that is willing to come help shelve books and help with my "genre" project, I would very much appreciate it! The Mod Squad Moms and Watch Dog Dads are great, but I can use even more help! Friday's aren't good though because of Clubs.