Druid Hills High School

Red Devil Reflections - 11/18

2014-15 GA Milestone Results

The school and district-level Milestone results were released Monday (state results were released in September. Here is how Druid Hills performed (I've included the district and state averages as reference points). You will notice two percentages - the higher is the percentage of developing, proficient, and distinguished learners (what the newspaper reports), the lower is the percentage of proficient and distinguished learners.

The CCPRI data is not available yet, with the exception of Druid Hills' 4-year graduation rate increasing from 76% to 79%. As a result, I do not have easy access to subgroup and growth performances yet - I'm hoping to have more to share in December.

Note: the information below is not designed to ruin people's days but to inform everyone of our performance. With that said, one can definitely see some areas where we can celebrate our students' success and/or feel optimistic that progress will come with a few additional instructional tweaks.

9th Grade Lit

  • DHHS 78.6% (45.7%)
  • DCSD 64.2 (30.9)
  • GA 76 (38)

Amer Lit

  • DHHS 72.8% (30.6%)
  • DCSD 66.2 (28.3)
  • GA 75 (35)

Coordinate Alg

  • DHHS 51.9% (15.6%)
  • DCSD 57.2 (22.3)
  • GA 69 (34)


  • ​DHHS 70.2% (30.3%)
  • DCSD 60.4 (23.2)
  • GA 68 (33)


  • ​DHHS 50.5% (32.8%)
  • DCSD 47.4 (25.7)
  • GA 63 (38)

Physical Science :

  • ​DHHS 38.8% (9.4%)
  • DCSD 36.6 (9.5)
  • GA 64 (31)

US History:

  • ​DHHS 77% (50.4%)
  • DCSD 69.5 (37.3)
  • GA 73 (39)


  • ​DHHS 70.8% (40.4%)
  • DCSD 68.7 (37.1)
  • GA 70 (39)

Intruder Drill - Friday during 4th Period - Please review Level 3 Lockdown Procedures with students!

Senior Failure Lists - Due Now - Action Required

Teachers of Seniors: please take a few minutes to submit your lists of failing senior students to Dr. Jackson. Counseling will be working to notify our seniors next week so that they can get back on track to graduating in May.

Ms. Matlock

Today is Ms. Matlock's final day at Druid Hills High. We wish her the best of luck in all of her future endeavors.

Family Portrait Day - December 5

A sign-up sheet is in the main office (on the door) for people to sign up for family picture day sponsored by Cady Studios. The date is 12/5/15 10 AM-1 PM. Sessions are 15 minutes each and it includes a complimentary sitting fee and package. They will be set up in the theater for us.

Town Hall on Public Safety December 1

The Druid Hills Civic Association and Senator Elena Parent will be hosting a town hall on public safety December 1 at 7pm. Also scheduled to be in attendance are DeKalb Commissioners Jeff Rader and Kathie Gannon, Altlanta City Council Alex Wan, and representatives form the DeKalb and Atlanta Police Departments.

Talking about Sensitive Global Events

Sometimes our classrooms serve as appropriate settings to discuss controversial or sensitive topics, such as the recent acts of terrorism. Please keep in mind that it is the teacher's responsibility to ensure activities are in line with the classroom curriculum and facilitated in a way where an open and positive learning environment can be maintained.

Druid Hills is a very diverse setting, in that we have students and adults representing dozens of countries, languages, and belief systems. The most successful lessons are those in which the teachers guides students to safely explore other perspectives in an manner that values cultural sensitivity. Unfortunately, it also only takes one poorly-communicated statement, conversation, or activity to erode student trust and their beliefs in your ability to treat them fairly - be careful!

The NY Times has pulled together various resources regarding the recent events that may prove useful if there are appropriate parallels to your curriculum.

This is also a good article regarding teaching sensitive topics. Perhaps the most important points of the article include challenge teachers to do the following:

  • Examine your own assumptions and views on the topic to reduce the risk of allowing your own stance influencing the discussion inappropriately. This will also help you identify any areas of personal discomfort that might occur for you or your students when facilitating
  • Talk to colleagues who have experience of teaching sensitive and controversial issues; ask them about their experiences and strategies that have worked for them and their students. Please note that our Counseling staff and Media Center Specialist are great resources in facilitating discussions or compiling sound resources on such complex, sensitive topics.